Let’s walk alongside each other


My heart for mentorships reflect back to Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Two is better than one and, in this industry where we so often work alone, it is so important to have others walking alongside us to champion us into new adventures and victories. I want to be that person who you can call on and know is in your corner.


1. Shot over 60 weddings
2. Attended more than 10 workshops/retreats
3. Call or Text Away
4. Will not gatekeep information from you


Authenticity + Creativity = Freedom

virtual coaching call

price: $150

this is what I need!

This virtual coaching call is a 1.5 hour call on FaceTime where we will take the time to get to know each other and we will chat about anything and everything. I do not believe in gatekeeping information from others and want you to feel like you are getting your money’s worth from this call. Before the session, you will fill out a questionnaire form to ensure the call is customized to your needs.

1 on 1 coffee talk/bts

price: $300

this is what I need!

During this 2 hour time-frame, we will grab a coffee on me from either one of my favorite or your favorite coffee shops and we will get straight to work. You will have the chance to ask anything and everything related to photography and growing your business and also have the chance to see a bit of my work flow and how I edit. I will go through things like my booking process; culling, editing,
uploading process, and more! Before the session, you will fill out a questionnaire form to ensure the call is customized to your needs.

the three in one

price: $500

this is what I need!

The all-inclusive package will included all the things the virtual coaching call and the 1 on 1 coffee talk included plus the opportunity to get hands-on and shoot together. During our coffee talk time, we will work to figure out what kind of session you may be most interested in putting together whether that is a family session, couples session, senior session, or
assistant behind the scenes at a wedding I am shooting. 

He really knows what he is doing

Meeting with Jordan was awesome! I learned so much on the behind the scenes of running a business and he was able to answer almost any question I could ask. He really knows what he is doing and is so nice in helping me with my own!

Sam Hudgins Media



he wants to help others achieve

Jordan has been so helpful to me on my photography journey! I came to him knowing only the basics of photography, and through his help I have learned what goes on behind the scenes of shoots, how to effectively spend my time, and how to build genuine relationships with future clients. He wants to help others achieve their goals, and I recommend learning from the best!

Will Puckett photography



 I am so thankful that he chose to mentor me as a photographer!

Because of Jordan’s help and mentorship of me, I have learned how to use Lightroom, what settings to use in different lighting, and basically how to be the photographer that I am! Jordan has helped me grow so much, and I am so thankful that he chose to mentor me as a photographer!

Tate Tipton Photography